It's possible to balance the old way of life to the new

When the Internet burst onto the scene and made a household name for itself, a lot of people saw its benefits and its weaknesses. However, I don't even think some of those naysayers would've imagined some of the major issues that have arisen since the rise of social media. 

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really GRAMMYs?

Before YouTube, Netflix, and even a robust cable lineup, there was the limited channels of network television. ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX were staples in American households and us, Americans, typically engaged with certain major moments as a unit whether surrounded by family, friends, or even co-workers. The annual GRAMMY Awards show was one of those special times when people would gather and watch some of America's best and most popular entertainers perform and be awarded for their incredible work.

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everything is in your favor

Every. Single. Moment.

is truly in your favor.

I know in the moment it can be hard to believe because energy is in a certain motion. You are wondering why do you have to go through x, y, and z. You’re filled with stress and your life feels like an utter complete mess. It shows up in your clothing, in the contents of your home, in the addictions you hold close, in the people that surround you, in the eyes of you.

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be peace in the end

This is dedicated to anyone who has faced the darkest parts of mental illness. You are not alone and you can get through it. Light is always at the end of the tunnel.


I thought about the end.

I thought about the feeling of freedom.

I thought about the discoveries that could be made.

Yes, I thought about the end.

I thought about the feeling of fear,

I thought about the miseries that would be made.

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be childlike and keep asking questions about everything

Remember when you were a kid and you used to bug the adults around you with a flurry of questions? The questions were usually related to topics you were curious about or situations you did not particularly understand. You would use all the possible questions starting with who, what, when, where, why and how.

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3 ideas I'm willing to try to become a better blogger's blogger

Is it weird that I am a blogger and have the hardest time keeping up with my fellow bloggers? It's not that I am not interested either. I'm very much curious about what my fellow bloggers are writing about on the interwebs but for some reason, I am not good at reading a bunch of bloggers on a consistent basis. I do have my faves that I go back to on a somewhat consistent basis but even with them, they see my participation like once or twice a month. The struggle is real y'all. I see some bloggers who have a huge family, 18 kids, a million friends, 5 side hustles, 3 main jobs, a youtube channel, a daily blog, and a pet chicken and still able to read more blogs than me. I'm like... How sway!?

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so tardy for george michael's party

George Michael,

I really hope you aren't silently judging me for not knowing your awesomeness. As an 80's baby, I should've known better. Of course, I did know your hits. I specifically remember you shaking your butt with those classic blue jeans and super cool leather jacket in the Faith music video. I'm sorry if you cringe to this fact but it's true. That's what I remember. I also remember Freedom! '90 and how much I liked that song but I totally missed the Wham! era. I didn't even exist when you started so part of the blame has to be on my parents, right?

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I miss Prince

I am not sure how else to say it but I miss Prince. Not sure if any other words are needed. I guess I could say that I wish I appreciated his artistry and his impact more while he was on Earth but I am grateful that his music and his words of wisdom lives on beyond his physical manifestation. Plus, it's nice to think that he is away from this craziness on Earth and alright in purple peace and all that. I just really wish I could've seen him live and I actually planned on finally catching him live with his last tour if he stopped by anywhere near me. Unfortunately, that opportunity never came to passed. However, there is the blessing of taped performances! So this post is dedicated to anyone who is missing someone right now. Let's honor them by celebrating their legacy and lives with a little purple magic! We can all party like it's 1999 with this amazing 1982 concert from the Purple One (that will hopefully stay up on YouTube... *crosses fingers*) and I guess, in a way, I can say that I saw Prince perform live! 😊

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