sometimes the best advice is no advice


Silence can be the best sound for someone going through something. This can be extremely hard for some of us who simply want to help our family and friends but we can make matters worse by inserting our two cents in everything they do. Also, it's presumptuous of us to think we know what's best for another human being all the time like we got our shit together. I mean let's be real... our shit be stinkin' too. So at times, it can be better for us to be humble and quiet with others and just be there when they need us especially if they ask for our advice - not to say I told you so but to say I love you so much. Sometimes, the best advice is no advice - just allowing that person to go through their life changing experiences on their own and letting them make mistakes along the way. Funny enough, it can be the best way to show unconditional love to another by letting that person be.