feel free to vibe out to my tunes


I was trying to figure out what to post for today and I was going through my SoundCloud, picking out some dope songs by other artists for a playlist and then I went over to my page and realized, I could just pick out one of my EPs real quick and drop like it's hot. So today, I wanted to share my favorite EP titled "Love In Technicolor." The lyrics in 3 of the songs are from my ebook, Life In Technicolor Vol 1. LOVE. I guess you can see how I got the EP title. There's some spoken word, acapella vibes, melody, and harmony! Also, random fun fact: I was inspired by Janelle Monae's speaking voice so I used that as my guide on how to speak in these songs. I am not sure if you'll notice that but thought I share that random fact. :) Without further adieu, I present my EP, Love In Technicolor...