we can always learn from children


How many homeless people have you walked by this week? If you live in a big city, then I'm sure your numbers will be very high. As we go through our day, we usually walk on by without a second thought, moving right along without any eye contact or any communication. Now, I'm not trying to guilt-trip you for that. We are all human and our minds are usually preoccupied with a million other things but let's just take a moment and think about how different the world would be if we took a few moments out of our day, even just once a week, to offer a smile or to say hello or to give a gift to the oftentimes neglected homeless that are around us every single day. I bet the world would be drastically different by this one simple action. One young lady is already aware of this very fact and is changing the world, one fashionable bag at a time.

Khloe Thompson, a 9-year-old L.A. native, began a charity organization, Khloe Kares, which gives local homeless women the basic essentials in a gorgeous handmade bag, sewn by her. Recently, she was featured on the popular Facebook page, PopSugar Celebrity where she shared what inspired her to began this awesome project and how she influenced others around her to be more aware and compassionate to those around them. So far, her wonderful story has been seen 28 million times. If you have missed Khloe's story, then no worries! Simply hit play and be inspired.

If you want to learn more about Khloe Kares and how you can help this young lady to keep going, click HERE.