spread girl love


YouTube sensation, Lilly Singh a.k.a. iiSuperwomanii is not taking her internet fame in vain. Well-known for her hilarious videos about boys, food, school, her parents and other miscellaneous topics, she has garnered a huge following with over 9 million subscribers and an astounding 1,453,180,733 views. Yes, that's over one billion, ladies and gents and that's just her main channel. Her vlog channel (one of my personal faves) has over one million subscribers and over 100 million views. With that many people watching her every move, it is no wonder that Lilly decided to use her platform to bring awareness and change for young women all around the world. In fact, she is using her popularity to spread girl love - an initiative that promotes community among women instead of competition, creating new ways to motivate and inspire the world, one girl at a time. This superwoman has teamed up with the non-profit organization, WE to offer #GirlLove Rafiki bracelets, which will give thousands of young women in Kenya job opportunities and grant access to primary education for their children. You can view Lilly's life changing experience in Kenya and be inspired to get your Rafiki bracelet today! You only have until September 30th.

To purchase a #GirlLove Rafiki bracelet, click HERE. To learn more about Lilly Singh a.k.a. iiSuperwomanii, click HERE. To check out her vlog channel, click HERE.

Photo Credit: Girl Love / WE