I know I know... I've been M.I.A.


Let me start this by apologizing for my lack of consistent posts lately. I'll be honest. Consistency has never been my strong suit when it comes to my creativity. I am definitely a work in progress. I also need to figure out how to manage my time and balance my schedule so that I can maximize the 24 hours to the fullest. So I could make a bunch of excuses but that wouldn't be fair. I am thinking about starting back up around Mother's Day since I have this great post idea for that holiday or I may start earlier...I never know with me. The best way to describe my issue is this hilarious diagram.

Writer, Novel, Distraction, Short Attention Span

Just take out "my so-called novel" and put in "my so-called consistent blog." I have the attention span of a gnat sometimes so that doesn't always help either. 😅

So you may be wondering what I've been up to. Well one, I recently made a huge decision and am currently taking care of my anxiety. You can read all about that HERE. My goal is to have a life detox. You know when you notice a lot of toxins in your body and you do a fast of some sort to reset your diet and health? Well a life detox is somewhat like that. It's me trying to clear out as many toxins as possible to reset my patterns a bit. The way I wish to do this is by my three Cs - Clean, Clear, Connect. 1) Clean my physical space by decluttering my home and living a more minimalist lifestyle and clean my body from the inside by altering my diet and from the outside with fitness. 2) Clear my mind clutter by practicing meditation consistently 3) Connect to my higher self and gaining more peace and connect to others more to create new friendships, potential business contacts and acquaintances. (Oh and who knows? Maybe a date or two 😆)

Secondly, I've been working with friends and family on some great projects that we would like to complete and when we do, I will definitely give y'all the tea on them! I also have business ideas that I wish to work on sometime soon so yes, I'm trying to do the most!

I have a vision of the best version of myself and I've had this vision for awhile. Now I feel like I can get closer and closer to that vision so trying to take some baby steps towards that so that my Black girl magic can sparkle too! (Shout out to Black Girls Rock... Love that program!)

So that's what I've been up to lately. What's been up with you guys!? I've missed y'all.