go green for you and conserve your energy for what truly matters


When discussing the importance of going green, environmentalists always mention energy conservation and how it improves Mother Earth in a variety of ways. Why can't this same idea be applied to ourselves with how we spend our personal energy day-to-day? A lot of us exhaust ourselves by paying attention to people, places, things and situations that really are not aligned with our highest good. Our energy is spent on surface issues, surface emotions and surface drama. We may even think we are diving deeper than the surface when we feel upset because our emotions are heavier. However, we don't have to spend so much energy on negativity. We can conserve it for love, peace and positivity and focus on positive people, places, things and situations. There will obviously be times when we dip into negative thinking but we can quickly get into green mode and remember to let that negativity go so that we can use our energy for those we love and care about, for solutions and salvation and for freedom and peace.