how to communicate attentively by adding value to words


We use words to communicate. We use words to express. We use words to create thoughts. We use words to send messages. However, we are usually not mindful of this medium of connectivity and are not attentive to its power. Words can heal. Words can wound. Words can change energy. Words can cause illness. Words can manifest peace. Words create reality. Words create fantasy. The choice is up to you. We forget we have a choice, and we usually just blurt out words to ourselves and to others without really paying any attention to these vibrant vibrations. For five minutes, try to pay attention to your words and what they mean to you and the people around you. Are you helping or harming? Are you healing or hurting? Are you loving or unkind? This brief exercise can help us notice the frequency of our words and the power it has over us by the way they make us feel when we think them or speak them or write them down. Naturally, it will take practice to be cognizant of our words; and there will be moments where we will slip up. We are only human after all but if we merely have the good intention to keep track of our words as much as possible in hopes to align with our highest frequency than we are doing well, my friend. If you need further inspiration, then I highly suggest reading the first chapter from the book, Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. To be impeccable with your word is very hard but very rewarding so let’s try to be more aware of our energy when we use our words.