plant good seeds


Kevin Curry, owner of Fit Men Cook, knows all about planting good seeds. In fact, he was once the recipient and now, the giver of good seeds. What do I mean by good seeds? Well, you can change one letter and make full sense of the meaning by replacing the 's' in seeds with 'd' so instead of good seeds, you'll get good deeds. On his popular YouTube channel, Kevin shares the best Christmas he ever had that happened during a difficult time for his family. At an early age, he learned the value of planting good seeds and later, became fully aware of how essential doing good deeds is for yourself and others. He also challenges all of us to do the same with our health and wellness and offers tips on how to get started. It will all make sense once you watch this heartfelt Christmas story and hear the related challenge so that you, too, can begin planting good seeds in your own garden and the gardens of others.

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