broke phi broke during the holidays? then give this perfect priceless gift!


If you are in the fraternity/sorority, Broke Phi Broke Inc. and are dreading this holiday season, don't worry. I got your back with one priceless gift that you can give during the holidays and beyond!

And that gift is one of the most precious presents you can give to another -- time.

Visit your family, eat your dad's signature dish, kiss your mama on the cheek, reminisce with your siblings and slip out of there scot-free but before you leave, you have to give tons of love with hugs, laughter, kindness and good company.

If you know a close friend who either does not celebrate the holidays or whose family is not nearby, then spend quality time with him or her and offer your listening ear and great conversation.

If you got a boo thang (please forgive me for saying that but I can't help myself), then create a nice romantic evening with an upgraded netflix and chill. Yes, I said an upgraded netflix and chill. You can personalized it to your budget and add your own personal touch to every aspect with the food, table setting, music and ambiance and who knows? It could lead to a night you will remember. ;) Just make sure that it is truly upgraded please. Thanks.

You can also volunteer for a charity organization, serving food or passing out toys and invite your family, friends or your boo thang to join you. Giving back will truly invoke the spirit of the holidays by sharing time with the ones you love while also helping others in need enjoy their holiday.

Time offers the gift of experience and to give a positive one is one of the best presents to give during the holiday season so even if you are a pledging member of Broke Phi Broke, Inc., you can still make the holidays festive and enjoyable!