people can be assholes but love them anyway


Let's be frank for a minute. We all have our asshole moments. Sometimes, it is intentional. Sometimes, it is not. No matter what, other people have and probably will, in the future, perceive us as assholes. Now let's use that same perception with regards to others for a minute. Ever had an encounter with a person who has a bad attitude? Usually, we give this individual a side eye or a stank look, say a few choice words to ourselves and keep it moving. In our one encounter, we immediately place that person in the asshole category without thinking that maybe that person had a bad day, maybe that person lost someone close to them, maybe that person is super exhausted from working day and night at two jobs. You never know what a person could be going through and why the person acts the way he or she does in any given moment. Hurt people have a tendency to hurt people so instead of retaliating against the person, maybe we should meet that hurt with kindness because after all, that person is multidimensional, just like all of us and deserves the same amount of consideration as we would like in our asshole moments. Therefore, the next time you encounter someone acting like an asshole, give that person the benefit of the doubt and respond with love anyway.