3 simple steps to change our world


With the recent tragic events in our world, a lot of us are probably wondering what we can do to help change the world. We can examine the issues at hand, use a fine-tooth comb and go through every single possible angle to the problems. We can do that. That can offer some different perspectives and open our eyes to the many possibilities of why these events are happening in the first place. We can also focus on solutions that we can implement today, right here, right now. We may not be able to make major political decisions but we can make seemingly small changes in our lives that can drastically change our individual and collective energy and frequency. There are plenty of ways we can raise our consciousness and raise our energy to a higher level. The list can go on for forever but to make it easier to digest, here are three simple steps to change our world:

1. Love Love. Like truly love love — however you view love: God, Allah, Universe, Source, Life, etc. We could wake up every morning and simply say thank you to our Creator, however you view the Creator -- the Love, the Light, the Source of it all. We could take in as many moments as possible and notice the magic in every single one of them. We could take these tragic events as signs from the Universe that love is needed and motivate ourselves to give love as much as possible as our way to exude the divine love that exists within each of us.

2. Love yourself. Like seriously love yourself. It is pretty cliche to use the adage: "Change yourself, Change the world" but it is used often for a reason because it is true. The journey to self-love is not an easy one at all but it is so necessary to how we love others and love life.  It is so easy for us to point the finger at others when we don't take the time to honestly view our own actions. None of us have this life thing down perfect so it is best to humble ourselves and face our own hiccups and missteps because then, we will be able to gain empathy towards others who are stumbling along life too.

3. Love others. Like unconditionally love others. Most of us place conditions on our love. If you do x,y and z, then I'll show you my love. Otherwise, tough luck. However, divine love is not like that at all; divine love is limitless and everlasting. If we can work towards that kind of love every day, striving for compassion, acceptance, understanding and kindness, imagine how different our world would be and how aligned we would be to the Source.

These steps may not seem like much to some of you but they are truly three fundamental ways we can all shift our energy and change our perception which will naturally shift our reality and change our world.

What are some additional steps you suggest for changing our world? Please let me know below! I'd love your input!