a black man's vulnerability


Stages is a moving short film about a man [played by the incredibly talented Will Catlett] dealing with the harsh reality of a breakup. In less than 15 minutes, this piece encapsulates the nuances of mending a broken heart. There is a quiet brilliance throughout the film, allowing its viewer to see and feel the yearning, the loneliness, the pain, the inner conflict and eventually the redemption without a single word uttered from any of the actors. In short, the emotions speak loudly for themselves. Presented by Issa Rae, Stages will hopefully make many waves in the independent circuit and show a major audience the beauty of a black man's vulnerability.

Directed by James Bland Written by Will Catlett

Produced by James Bland, Will Catlett, Marti Hines, Jahmela Biggs and Ciji Michelle Campbell

Edited by Bahiyjaui Allen

Music by Phillippe Pierre